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In respect of representation by D.H.S. Boys at S.A. Schools, S.A. U19; First Class; S.A. T20; S.A. O.D.I. and S.A. Test level. Natal Schools and ordinary School level are NOT included, except where referred to in the notes which follow.

                     Prepared, researched and compiled by David R. Bennett        
(Version 4.3 / 15)
© 2015 (D.R. Bennett) ============================================================================= 
DURBAN HIGH SCHOOL has a proud and unequalled position in South African Cricket –
this is a short record of the names, records, achievements and facts of the many D.H.S. boys
who have gone on, from School, to represent South Africa and other teams at various levels.
                                                INDEX and EXPLANATORY NOTES:
THIS RECORD is divided into TWO MAIN SECTIONS: The lists of names of D.H.S. boys who
have played cricket for South Africa and other teams, at TEST and at other INTERNATIONAL representative levels. The FIRST Section lists the names of D.H.S. team representatives, and
includes a list of records, interesting notes and facts. The SECOND Section is a simple statistical
record of the Test and First Class averages of the leading D.H.S. representatives in both Test
cricket, and at First Class level.
A]           The TOP FIVE South African Cricketing Schools.
Bi]           DURBAN HIGH SCHOOL – The “All-time” D.H.S. FIRST XI.
Bii]          DURBAN HIGH SCHOOL – The 1966 “CENTENARY XI”
C]            INTERNATIONAL CRICKET – D.H.S. Boys who have played for SOUTH AFRICA.
D]           S.A. TEST CRICKET - The TOP TWENTY South African schools.
F]            S.A. SCHOOLS XI – The TOP TWENTY South African schools.
G]           S.A. SCHOOLS – D.H.S. Boys who have played for the South African Schools XI.
H]           S.A. U19 XI – D.H.S. Boys who have played for the South African U19 XI.
I]             D.H.S. Boys awarded the S.A. Cricket Annual Awards / Wisden Annual Awards.
J]             D.H.S. Cricketers – RECORDS Achieved and some INTERESTING FACTS.

K]            The D.H.S. “All-time” FIRST XI – Their FIRST CLASS AVERAGES.
L]            D.H.S. – The List of TEST CRICKET Player STATISTICS and AVERAGES.
M]          D.H.S. – The List of O.D.I. Player STATISTICS and AVERAGES.
N]           D.H.S. – The List of “T20” Player STATISTICS and AVERAGES.
Q]           D.H.S. – The List of OTHER LEADING PLAYERS – FIRST CLASS AVERAGES, etc.                       

NOTE: These Statistics have been compiled by David Richard Bennett (D.H.S. 1964-1966) The main emphasis is on those
Durban High School boys who have represented South Africa as Springbok and / or “Protea” cricketers. These statistics have
been compiled from Official Records, and are thought to be correct, immediately prior to the World One Day International
Cricket Cup in February / March 2015, and are current as at 8 February 2015. There are additional statistics for those Durban
High School boys who have represented their Country in the South African Schools / U19 teams. And finally there are statistics
for Durban High School boys in FIRST CLASS cricket, for various local and overseas provincial, county and state teams.
The first class records shown is by no means an exhaustive list, as many D.H.S. boys have represented such teams. The compiler
of this list would be happy to include any boys who HAVE played first class cricket, but are not included on the list, subject to the
appropriate Qualification levels). And, finally, if there are any errors or omissions then kindly contact David Bennett – Email:  and I will endeavour to correct the details / lists, if warranted.  
                 David Bennett, Durban. February 2015
Section One A:

The TOP FIVE SOUTH AFRICAN cricketing schools:
This is a simple statement of fact. There can be no argument when looking at the figures:
Taking the number of D.H.S. boys who have represented South Africa at TEST, O.D.I., T20,
and S.A. Schools level, then DURBAN HIGH SCHOOL is certainly the MOST SUCCESSFUL South
African School in this regard. HERE is a short list of the top FIVE South African Schools:

School                                                   Combined Number of Representatives*
DURBAN HIGH SCHOOL                                                                67
King Edward VII School (Johannesburg)                 63
Grey High School (Port Elizabeth)                             61 
Bishops (Cape Town), and                                           59
Grey College (Bloemfontein)                                      48

(*) Combined means the number of boys selected for South Africa in full Test matches; O.D.I. matches; “T20” games
and for S.A. Schools. (S.A. U19 is not included, as no reliable listing is available).
Section One B(i):

The DURBAN HIGH SCHOOL “ALL TIME” FIRST XI: (Compiled by David Bennett)                             
1         Barry Richards             Bat
2         Trevor Goddard          Bat / Bowl (Left arm medium)
3         Hashim Amla               Bat
4         Herbie Taylor (Capt)   Bat
5         Jack Siedle                   Bat
6         Lee Irvine (Wkt)           Bat
7         Lance Klusener                        Bat / Bowl (Right-arm fast-medium)
8         Mike Rindel                 Bat / Bowl (Left-arm spin)
9         Richard Dumbrill         Bat / Bowl (Right-arm medium)          
10       Richard Snell               Bat / Bowl (Right-arm fast-medium)
11       Hugh Tayfield              Bowl (Right-arm off break)

12th Man (for Fielding):  Dale Benkenstein or Colin Wesley or Dennis Gamsy
12th/13th Man (Playing reserves): Geoff Griffin (Bowling); Fairless Nicolson (Batting)
Manager: Les Theobald
Note: The Durban High School “All Time” First XI Cricket Team, bats with a TEAM average TOTAL
of 412 runs (at their FIRST CLASS averages); and the team’s six best bowlers would, (again, at their
first class bowling averages), dismiss their opposition for an average total of just 297 runs

Section One B(ii):

D.H.S. Old Boys XI Centenary Match. Played in 1966 as part of the D.H.S. 1866 – 1966 Centenary Celebrations. The D.H.S.O.B. XI played the “Rest of Natal XI” under Captain, Jackie McGlew.
The D.H.S.O.B. “Centenary XI” team in alphabetical order was:
1         Peter DODDS
2         Richard DUMBRILL
3          Dennis GAMSY (Captain)       
4          Trevor GODDARD   
5         Geoff GRIFFIN 
6          Grayson HEATH
7          Lee IRVINE
8          Jack KAPLAN
9          Barry RICHARDS
10                    Hugh TAYFIELD
11                    Colin WESLEY

12th Man: Arthur TAYFIELD          
NOTE: This team is not listed in BATTING order
The team list was extracted from Jeremy Oddy’s book: “Where the Baobab Grows” (2008) – pp 168-169
FURTHER NOTES: (by David Bennett) 

•              The Match was played on the D.H.S.O.B. Club main Oval, on 19 / 20 March 1966. The D.H.S.O.B. XI batted second and suffered a first innings deficit of 64 runs in favour of the Natal XI even though Richard Dumbrill had hit a great century (114) in a partnership of 127 with Lee Irvine. On the second day, the Old Boys team were then set a second innings target of 188 runs to make in 150 minutes to win. The D.H.S.O.B. XI managed the runs in just 107 minutes, thus winning the match by three wickets.

Goddard, Gamsy, Richards and Irvine would later play for SA against Australia in 1970 and so the D.H.S.O.B.  XI of 1966 contained FIVE Springboks, (Goddard; Hugh Tayfield; Griffin; Dumbrill and Wesley) and three others, Gamsy, Irvine and Richards who were later to become Springboks (making EIGHT in all).  And Arthur Tayfield had been 12th Man for South Africa. There were THREE men in the D.H.S.O.B. team who were wicketkeepers at a high level: Gamsy; Irvine and Kaplan.                          

The “Rest of Natal XI” – captained by Jackie McGlew contained FOUR Springboks, namely Jackie McGlew; Peter Carlstein; Mike Proctor and Pat Trimborn. In addition, McGlew’s team contained a further two D.H.S.O.B. Natal cricketers, who were not selected for the School Centenary XI. They were Charles Sullivan and Peter Marais. And so of the twenty two players in the match, thirteen were D.H.S. Old Boys, and a total of fourteen, if we include Arthur Tayfield.
Section One C:

The following D.H.S. boys have represented SOUTH AFRICA in Official Test Matches:
(Dates indicate the Player’s representative years, for South Africa)

1          AMLA, Hashim Mahomed (2004 -    )
2          CHAPMAN, Horace William (1914 – 1921)
3          CONYNGHAM, Dalton Parry (“Conky”) (1923)
4          DALTON, Eric Londesbrough (1929 – 1939)
5          DEANE, Hubert Gouvaine  (“Nummy”) (1924 – 1931)
6          DUMBRILL, Richard (1965 – 1967)
7          DYER, Dennis Victor (1947)
8          FELLOWS-SMITH, Jonathan Payn (“Pom Pom”) (1960)
9          GAMSY, Dennis (1970)
10        GODDARD, Trevor Leslie (1955 – 1970)
11        GRIFFIN, Geoffrey Merton (1960)
12        IRVINE, Brian Lee (“Lee”) (1970)
13        KHAN, Imraan  (2009)
14        KLUSENER, Lance  (1996 – 2004)
15        LINDSAY, Nevil Vernon (1921)
16        NICOLSON, John Fairless William (1928)
17        PEGLER, Sidney James (1910 – 1924)
18        RICHARDS, Barry Anderson (1970)
19        SHEPSTONE, George Harold  (1896 – 1899)
20        SIEDLE, Ivan Julian (“Jack”) (1928 – 1936)
21        SNELL, Richard Peter (1992 – 1994)
22        TAYFIELD, Hugh Joseph (“Toey”) (1949 – 1960)
23        TAYLOR, Herbert Wilfred (“Herbie”) (1912 – 1932)
24        WESLEY, Colin (“Tich”) (1960)

Arthur TAYFIELD (brother of Hugh) was 12th Man for South Africa (1957)
Please ALSO refer to NOTES: 2; 11; 15; 17 and 41 below.
Other D.H.S. International Cricket Representatives:
1          CAMPBELL, George Gordon (Scotland) (1921)
2          COMPTON, Nicholas Richard Denis (England) (2012 – 2013)
Section One D:

The MOST SOUTH AFRICAN “Springbok” or “Protea” Cricketers
produced by SCHOOLS:
DURBAN HIGH SCHOOL has been the leading school in this regard for many years.
Here are the TOP TWENTY South African Schools:

                        School                                                 Test Cricketers
1          Durban High School                                                  24
2          Bishops (Cape Town)                                                  18
3          King Edward VII School (KES) (Johannesburg)            15
4          Grey High School (Port Elizabeth)                              14
5          Jeppe High School (Johannesburg)                             12
6          SACS (Cape Town)                                                       12

Other schools who make up the “Top 20”: Hilton College (11); Maritzburg College (11); Michaelhouse (11); Wynberg Boys High (9); CBC Kimberley (8); Grey College (Bloem) (8); Dale College (8); St. Andrew’s College (8);  Rondebosch Boys High (7); Sacred Heart College (7); St. Aidan’s College (Grahamstown) (7); 
St. John’s College (JHB) (7); Kimberley Boys High (6), and Pretoria Boys High (6).
Section One E:

Cricketers produced by SCHOOL
Once again, DURBAN HIGH SCHOOL ranks amongst the leading schools.
Here are the TOP Fifteen S.A. Schools:

                        School                                                 O.D.I. Cricketers
1           Grey College (Bloemfontein)                                     9
2 )         Durban High School                                                    6 *                                                   
2 )         King Edward School VII (KES) (Johannesburg)        6     
4          Grey High School (Port Elizabeth)                            5
5          Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool (“Affies”) Pretoria       3
6          Dale College (King Williams’ Town)                          3          
Some other leading schools who have produced two or three S.A. O.D.I. Cricketers:
Maritzburg College (3); Bishops (3); Glenwood High School (2); Kearsney College (2);
Paarl Gym (2); Queen’s College (2); SACS (2); St. Stithian’s College (2); Wynberg Boys’ High (2).

NOTE: * Some reference sources show Durban High School as having 5 South African O.D.I.
Cricketers – because Dale Benkenstein is credited to Michaelhouse School only, whereas in
fact he attended, and played for Durban High School prior to his move to Michaelhouse.
Section One F:

The MOST SOUTH AFRICAN SCHOOLS cricketers produced by SCHOOL:
Yet again,  DURBAN HIGH SCHOOL ranks amongst the leading schools:

                               School                                          Players
1           Grey High School (Port Elizabeth)                         39
2           King Edward VII School (JHB)                                 38
3           Bishops (Cape Town)                                               37
4           Durban High School                                                35 *
5           Grey College (Bloemfontein)                                 26
6           Maritzburg College                                                  25

Rounding out the “Top 20” Schools producing S.A. Schools Cricketers are:
St. Andrew’s College (23); Queen’s College (22); Rondebosch Boys’ High (22); Dale College (21);
Hilton College (19); Glenwood High School (15); Pretoria Boys’ High (15); Michaelhouse (14);
St. Stithian’s College (14); St. Andrew’s School (Bloem) (13); Prince Edward School (Zim) (13);
Jeppe High School (12); St. John’s College (JHB) (12); Parktown Boys’ High School (12).
Section One G:

The following D.H.S. boys have represented S.A. Schools:   (Since 1940)

Akitt, H                                      Amla, H.M.                                     Cooper, K.R.
De Bruin, Q.E.                          Dodds, P.M.                                    Donnellan, R.O.
Dumbrill, R.                              Gamsy, D.                                        Goddard, T.L.
Gordge, K.G.                            Govender, D.                                   Griffin, G.M.
Hearn, T.A.E.                            Heath, M.B.                                     Hughes, B.K.
Irvine, B.L.                                Kent, J.C.                                          Khan, I.
King, D.B.G.                              Knowles, H.                                     Mabuya, S.C.
Mbatha, M.                              Mellor, A.D.                                    Mellor, M.D.
Minnaar, N.                              Richards, B.A.                                 Snell, R.P.
Tayfield, A.                               Tayfield, C.                                      Tayfield, I.R.
Vandiar, J.D.                             Wesley, C.                                       Westbrook, R.H.
Wingfield, W.R.

NOTE: * Dale Benkenstein (see earlier notes) also represented S.A. Schools. If he is accepted as a
Durban High School boy, then there are 35 DHS boys on the S.A. Schools list.
Captains: It is known that both Lee IRVINE and Barry RICHARDS have captained S.A. Schools teams,
but as records are difficult to access; there may well be other D.H.S boys to have done so.
Section One H:

The following D.H.S. boys have represented S.A. U19:   (Since 1995)

Adam, S.M.                              Amla, H.M.                                    Hughes, B.K.
Kent, J.C.                                  Khan, I.                                           Makhanya, B.S.
MacQueen, R.B.                     Vandiar, J.D.                                  Wingfield, W.R.

Note: Of these nine boys who have played for S.A. U19, no less than FOUR of them have done so as CAPTAIN of their S.A. U19 teams. They are - H.M. Amla (2002); I. Khan (2003); J.D. Vandiar (2009)
and B.S. Makhanya (2014 and 2015).
This list (for S.A. U19) is thought to be complete, but accurate records are not available. There MAY well be others.
Kindly contact the author if it is not correct.
Section One I:

South African Cricket Annual and Wisden’s FIVE CRICKETERS of the YEAR:
Note: The S.A. Cricket Annual awards started in 1952 and those of Wisden in 1889.
The following D.H.S. boys have won these prestigious awards:

                                                                              South Africa’s              Wisden’s
Name of Player                                                  Five Cricketers            Five Cricketers
                                                                              of the Year                   of the Year
H.W. (Herbie) TAYLOR                                                                       1925
H.J. (Hugh) TAYFIELD                                      1953                            1956
T. L. (Trevor) GODDARD                                 1955
J.P. (Jon) FELLOWS-SMITH                             1960
G.M. (Geoff) GRIFFIN                                      1960
P.M. (Peter) DODDS                                       1963
R. (Richard) DUMBRILL                                  1965
B.L. (Lee) IRVINE                                            1968
B.A. (Barry) RICHARDS                                   1968                            1969
D. (Dennis) GAMSY                                         1969
K.R. (Kenny) COOPER                                     1981
M.J.R. (Mike) RINDEL                                     1989
D.M. (Dale) BENKENSTEIN                            1997                            2009
L. (Lance) KLUSENER                                      1997 (i)
L. (Lance) KLUSENER                                      1999 (ii)                       2000
H.M. (Hashim) AMLA                                     2006                            2013
I. (Imraan) KHAN                                            2009                                                   
N.R.D. (Nick) COMPTON (England)                                                    2013

Note: The Wisden’s Five Cricketers of the Year, had, in 2013, TWO D.H.S. boys earn the award – AMLA and COMPTON. There cannot be many (if any) schools who have achieved this feat. Similarly, in the S.A. Cricket Annual awards, TWO D.H.S. boys have won the award in the same year, on THREE occasions: 1960 – GRIFFIN and FELLOWS-SMITH; 1968 – IRVINE and RICHARDS, and in 1997 – BENKENSTEIN and KLUSENER - who is the only D.H.S. boy to have won the award TWICE: 1997 and 1999. In 1973, Wisden named Barry RICHARDS as the “Leading Cricketer of the World”.
Section One J:

by D.H.S. Cricketers in TEST and in FIRST CLASS Cricket.

NOTE: Only the names of D.H.S. boys are in BOLD type in these notes.

1]         The following six men have represented SOUTH AFRICA in ONE DAY INTERNATIONAL (O.D.I.) Cricket: Hashim AMLA; Dale BENKENSTEIN; Jon KENT; Lance KLUSENER; Mike RINDEL and Richard SNELL.

Hashim AMLA and Tyrone HENDERSON have played “T20” cricket for South Africa.

OTHER S.A. Schools who have produced some T20 “Protea” cricketers include: Grey College   (Bloemfontein) (5); King Edward VII School (4); Grey High School (P.E.) (3) and D.H.S. (2).
Most other S.A. Schools have just one or two T20 South African representatives.
2]         CAPTAINS: South Africa has been captained in Test Cricket by no fewer than FOUR D.H.S. Boys: Hashim AMLA; “Nummy” DEANE; Trevor GODDARD; Herbie TAYLOR.
3]         WICKETKEEPER  for South Africa: Dennis GAMSY.
4]         Hashim AMLA has represented South Africa at almost every important level: S.A. Schools; S.A. U19 (Captain); S.A. XI; S.A. “A”; S.A. T20; S.A. O.D.I.; S.A. Test team (Captain), and the World O.D.I. XI.
5]         Although Eric DALTON was primarily a batsman, he also bowled, taking 12 wickets in Tests - including the wicket of the great Englishman, Wally HAMMOND, no less than FOUR times. Eric DALTON was a “double Springbok” having also played golf for South Africa. He was the S.A. Amateur Golf Champion in 1950.
6]         Geoff GRIFFIN was the first (and only) South African to take a HAT-TRICK in test
cricket, and he was also the first player to do so at the Lords Cricket Ground
(1960). Griffin also represented Rhodesia at field hockey.
7]         Jon FELLOWS-SMITH played both cricket and rugby for Oxford University.
            “Fairless” NICOLSON also played cricket for Oxford. (It should be noted that in some reference sources he has the alternate spelling of “Nicholson”)
8]         Imraan KHAN represented S.A. Schools; S.A. U19; S.A. “A” and S.A. Test teams.
9]         Lance KLUSENER represented S.A. at ODI and Test level; and also a World XI and
the S.A. “Masters” team, and a World T20 XI.
10]       Claims by other Schools: Some boys have attended more than one School. For  example, Herbie TAYLOR and Dale BENKENSTEIN attended both D.H.S. and Michaelhouse School. Sid PEGLER also attended K.E.S. (JHB.). Jon VANDIAR went
to Glenwood High School, before attending D.H.S.  Nick COMPTON was a D.H.S.
boy, who later attended Harrow School, in England. (There are also a few others).
11]       D.H.S. boys who have represented the famous “M.C.C.”: Sid PEGLER; George SHEPSTONE; Herbie TAYLOR and Dale BENKENSTEIN have all played for the M.C.C.
12]       Herbie TAYLOR was also a war hero, having been awarded the Military Cross in the Great War, 1914 – 1918.
13]       SOUTH AFRICAN UNIVERSITIES: The following D.H.S. boys are known to have represented the S.A. Universities Team: Mike CLARE; Richard DUMBRILL; Dennis GAMSY; Grayson HEATH; Jack KAPLAN; Peter MARAIS; Mike MELLOR; Richard SNELL and Tich WESLEY. Jack KAPLAN was also Captain of S.A. Universities.
              (Please note: This list may be incomplete).
14]       Playing for the M.C.C. against Wales in 1930, Sid PEGLER decimated the Wales batting line-up, taking 4/14 and 6/62 for figures of 10/76 in the match.
15]       Dale BENKENSTEIN, B.C. COOLEY and Mike RINDEL were all selected for South African touring teams, but were un-capped at Test level. BENKENSTEIN and RINDEL did both however, represent South Africa at One-Day International level, and were
             Gold Medal winners at the 1998 Commonwealth Games. (See also Note 41)
16]       Were it not for their Test careers having been curtailed by the isolation of South African cricket in the late sixties, and early 70s, Barry RICHARDS (with a test average of 72.57) and Lee IRVINE (with a test average of 50.42) may have been amongst the great test players for South Africa. RICHARDS played 339 first class games, scoring 28,358 runs, a HS of 356 and he scored 80 centuries and 152 half-centuries and had a first-class average of 54.75 over his very distinguished career. IRVINE played in 157 first-class games, scored 21 centuries, 46 half centuries and a HS of 193, with 9,919 runs at an average of 40.48 – remembering that he was a wicket-keeper batsman. Barry RICHARDS is considered by many experts to have been the most “technically correct” batsman, ever, of ANY country. Perhaps the highest compliment came from the greatest player ever, Sir Donald BRADMAN, who described RICHARDS as "the world's best-ever right-handed opener". He backed that up by including RICHARDS in his best ever team, published after his (Bradman’s) death. Barry RICHARDS has also played for the S.A. Masters XI.          (See also notes 19 and 39)
17]       B.C. COOLEY was selected to tour with the South African Test team to England in
            1901. He remained uncapped on the Tour, but did represent South Africa against
            an M.C.C. team, which included the famous W.G. Grace, at Lords in June 1901. But
the match was not considered an “official” test.  In 1924/25, V.C. ROBBINS was selected to play for South Africa against S.B. Joel’s XI (captained by Lord Tennyson).
This was also not an “official” test match.
18]       One of the leading D.H.S. cricketing families was the TAYFIELD family. They were   brothers Hugh, Arthur and Cyril; and Ian, a cousin. Hugh played 37 tests for South Africa. Arthur             was 12th Man in a Test for South Africa, but was uncapped. Arthur, Cyril and Ian all represented S.A. Schools. Whilst still a schoolboy, Arthur was selected for the NATAL team who played the touring M.C.C. in 1948/9. Between the four TAYFIELDS, they played 317 first class cricket matches, scoring a combined 7,771 runs, taking a combined 1,137 wickets. And they all performed well. Hugh had a highest score of 77 with best bowling of 9/113; Arthur had a HS of 205 and BB of 6/75; Cyril’s HS was 112 with BB of 4/27 and finally, Ian’s HS was 86 with 6/30. All these figures are at either Test or at First Class level. And of course there
             is also the BENKENSTEIN family, where Dale played O.D.I. Cricket for South Africa, and his brothers, the twins Boyd and Brett who were both First Class players.
19]       DURBAN HIGH SCHOOL has the unique distinction of having FIVE PLAYERS in a
             TEST team for South Africa – AT THE SAME TIME. It was the Second Test, vs  
             England, at Lords Ground in June 1960. The five were: GODDARD, WESLEY,
             FELLOWS-SMITH, TAYFIELD, H. and GRIFFIN.  In perhaps what many regard as
             South Africa’s greatest test team ever – the Springbok team of 1970 (who thrashed
             the touring Australians 4 – 0), South Africa was also well represented by DURBAN
             HIGH SCHOOL. In the First and Second Tests, 1970 there were FOUR D.H.S. boys in
             the Team -  RICHARDS, GODDARD, IRVINE and GAMSY.  Barry RICHARDS scored
             140 in the Second Test in Durban, with the great Graeme Pollock making his famous
             274. Trevor GODDARD returned match figures of 51 Overs; 26 Maidens; 68 Runs
             and 4 Wickets in the Third Test. This proves, at 1.33 runs per over, just how difficult
             it was to gets runs off GODDARD. Both RICHARDS and IRVINE scored centuries in
             the 4th Test, 2nd innings. (See also notes 16 and 39).
20]       Nick COMPTON – who went on to play for England, is the grandson of one of England’s greatest batsmen, the famous Denis Compton.
21]       Jack SIEDLE and “Fairless” NICOLSON, both D.H.S. boys (and both Springboks) when  playing for Natal vs. Orange Free State (1926-27 season) still hold the South African record, and also the World all-time 14th HIGHEST FIRST WICKET PARTNERSHIP record of 424 runs. 
22]       Nick COMPTON (D.H.S.) and J.C. Hildreth, playing for Somerset vs. Cardiff at Taunton, in 2012, hold the World all-time 8th HIGHEST SECOND WICKET PARTNERSHIP record of 450 runs.
23]       Dale BENKENSTEIN (D.H.S.) and O.D. (Otis) Gibson, playing for Durham vs. Yorkshire, at Leeds, in 2006, hold the World all-time 11th HIGHEST SEVENTH WICKET PARTNERSHIP record of 315 runs.
24]       Lance KLUSENER was awarded the “PLAYER of the TOURNAMENT” for the 1999 World O.D.I. Cup in England. His batting average in the Tournament was 140.50 and his bowling average was 20.58. In addition, KLUSENER holds the 2nd highest score (83 runs) and the 10th highest score (75*) in World O.D.I. cricket, for a No. 8 batsman.
25]       Hugh TAYFIELD holds the BEST TEST bowling figures, in an innings, by a South African, of 9/113 – which also ranks 16th best, all-time in the WORLD for ANY bowler in Tests.  Lance KLUSENER holds third place (South Africa) for the BEST TEST bowling figures all-time, with his 8/64, and TAYFIELD is again in 4th place with 8/69.
26]       Hugh TAYFIELD is the THIRD FASTEST South African bowler (and first for a spin bowler) to take 100 TEST wickets, in 22 Tests, behind Vernon Philander (19 Tests) and Dale Steyn (20 Tests). TAYFIELD is also the FIRST SOUTH AFRICAN, and the 4th FASTEST ever, in the WORLD, to reach 150 Test wickets in 29 tests – equal with the
            South African fast bowler, Dale Steyn (also 29 tests).
27]       Hugh TAYFIELD holds 8th place in WORLD TEST CRICKET for the highest total number of wickets (37 wickets) in a five test series, and first for South Africans. Top of the World list is Jim Laker, who took 46 wickets in a five test series.  Only Hugh TAYFIELD (who did the feat TWICE13/165 and 13/192) and Makhaya Ntini (once – 13/132) have ever achieved 13 wickets (for South Africa) a TEST MATCH, placing them on an elite World List, and the best of the South African test bowlers.
            Hugh TAYFIELD is first for South Africa, and ELEVENTH highest in the WORLD, for TEST dismissals, Caught and Bowled – with 11 such wickets.
28]       Most ECONOMIC BOWLING in TEST HISTORY: TWO D.H.S. bowlers feature very prominently on the WORLD LIST for TESTS. The best South African, and THIRD BEST in World Test cricket is Trevor GODDARD with a career economy rate of just 1.64 runs per over.  Hugh TAYFIELD is the 4th best South African, and 23rd in the World, with a career Test economy rate of only 1.94 runs per over.  Trevor GODDARD’s Test bowling economy rate is the BEST, of ANY country, since 1949. In the 1957 Durban Test, against England, TAYFIELD bowled 137 consecutive deliveries (nearly 23 six-ball overs) without a single run being scored against him.
29]       Trevor GODDARD holds the 2nd BEST ever (behind “Tufty” Mann with 0.50), figures for TEST ECONOMY bowling rates, for South Africa IN A SINGLE TEST INNINGS. Goddard bowled 16* overs; 8 maidens; 12 runs and 2 wickets in the 1957 Test at Port Elizabeth against England, placing him 27th WORLD BEST, all-time. This gave him an economy rate of 0.56 runs per over. This feat was done a few times in
             TESTS by both Trevor GODDARD and by Hugh TAYFIELD:
             GODDARD: 16* – 8 – 12 – 2         (0.56) vs. England, Port Elizabeth, 1957        
            GODDARD: 17 – 14 – 10 – 1         (0.58) vs. New Zealand, Dunedin, 1964
            GODDARD: 25.2* – 15 – 22 – 1    (0.65) vs. England, Johannesburg, 1957
            GODDARD: 16 – 10 – 11 – 1         (0.68) vs. New Zealand, Wellington, 1964
            TAYFIELD:   24* - 17 – 21 – 1        (0.65) vs. England, Durban, 1957, and
            TAYFIELD:   14* - 7 – 13 – 6          (0.69) vs. New Zealand, Johannesburg, 1954
            Note the 6/13 taken by TAYFIELD in just 14 overs, with 7 maidens.
            Note: * denotes 8 ball overs, converted to 6 ball overs for equal comparison.
30]       Trevor GODDARD was the FIRST South African all-rounder to achieve 1000 runs and  100 wickets in TEST Cricket chronologically. On this list, Shaun Pollock is second and Jaques Kallis is third. Trevor GODDARD is also FIRST in South Africa and 12th BEST in TEST Cricket, all-time for his 294 runs and 26 wickets in a Five Test series.
31]       Herbie TAYLOR (twice) and Trevor GODDARD (four times) are two on a select list of about only 80 players in more than 2,150 Tests played in history who have had the
            distinction of OPENING both the BATTING and BOWLING for their Country in Tests.
32]       FIRST CLASS BATTING AVERAGES: For South Africans - in First Class Averages, the great Barry RICHARDS is TOP of the list, with an average of 54.74. Graeme Pollock is second, on 54.67; third is Jacques Kallis with 54.10, followed by Hashim AMLA in
            fourth place on 51.88. Fifth is A.D. Norse with 51.53  – just ahead of AB De Villiers at 51.03.

            In terms of TEST BATTING AVERAGES for South Africans, the list is as follows:
            Barry RICHARDS is first on an average of 72.57 (admittedly, he played only in
4 Tests). This would put RICHARDS second in the World, only to Don Bradman.
            Second is Graeme Pollock – 60.97 (and 4th in the World) ; third is Jacques Kallis – 55.37 (16th in the World); fourth for South Africa, and 21st in the World is A.D. Nourse, with 53.81, while Hashim AMLA is fifth for South Africa, on 52.78 and the 25th World all-time Test Batting Average. These all compare very well, with so-called “batting greats” like Brian Lara – 52.88 and Sachin Tendulkar – 53.78.
             Lee IRVINE also deserves a mention with a Test average of 50.42 in his short test career.
33]       Hashim AMLA has the HIGHEST TEST INNINGS for any South African in Tests, having scored 311 not out against England at the Oval, in 2012. He is the ONLY South African to have scored over 300 in Tests, and his 311* places him on the ALL-TIME TEST HIGH SCORE LIST at number 21. Although Barry RICHARDS never had much opportunity to play Test Cricket, he has a FIRST CLASS high score of 356 runs, amongst the EIGHTY centuries he scored in his career. This feat however places the mammoth 356 which RICHARDS scored at Perth as one of ONLY about three dozen cricketers who have EVER scored over 350 in Tests or in First Class cricket.
            Hashim AMLA is the FASTEST South African to score 6,000 Test runs. jointly with Graeme Smith -  they both took 128 innings to achieve this feat.  
34]       In ONE DAY INTERNATIONAL CRICKET for players who have played more than 40 matches, Hashim AMLA has the HIGHEST BATTING AVERAGE in the WORLD, of ANY player, with an average of 56.41. Fifth in the World (O.D.I.) is A.B. De Villiers with 52.16 and Jacques Kallis is 20th on the World all-time list on 44.36. These positions include past and present O.D.I. players.
            In ADDITION, Hashim AMLA holds most of the FASTEST BATTING RECORDS for reaching the BATTING milestones in ONE DAY INTERNATIONAL CRICKET. He is the FIRST BATSMAN to reach 2000 runs (40 innings) (Second place took 45 innings);
            FIRST BATSMAN to reach 3000 runs (57 innings) (Second place took 68 innings);
            FIRST BATSMAN to reach 4000 runs (81 innings) (Second place took 88 innings);
            FIRST BATSMAN to reach 5000 runs (101 innings) (Second place took 114 innings).
            The speed in which AMLA reached these milestones is so far ahead of the second placed ODI batsmen, that it seems unlikely to be equalled for some time. However,
            Hashim AMLA started off a bit slower. He is in only ninth place, WORLD O.D.I. All-
            time to reach 1000 runs, whilst fellow South African Quentin De Kock is in 4th place.
             Note: The second fastest player, in 45 innings to 2000 runs was Zaheer Abbass. The second fastest
                player to 3000, 4000 and 5000 runs was Viv Richards, in 69, 88 and 114 innings – far slower than the
                very fast rate achieved by Hashim AMLA.
35]       In ONE DAY INTERNATIONAL CRICKET “MAN of the MATCH” awards, Jacques Kallis is third best in the World, with 32 such awards. Herschel Gibbs is the second South African and 20th in the World with 22 awards, jointly with Shaun Pollock also on 22.
            The fourth South African is A.B De Villiers on 20 awards, and Lance KLUSENER is in fifth spot, for South Africans, with 19Man of the Match” awards.  Hashim AMLA has 15 such awards, to date.
36]       In ONE DAY INTERNATIONAL CRICKET “MAN of the SERIES” / “PLAYER of the SERIES” awards, the best South African, and 3rd in the World, all-time, is Shaun Pollock with 9 awards. Hashim AMLA is second, in South Africa, and 9th in the World, jointly with Jacques Kallis, each having 6 awards. A.B. De Villiers is fourth (and fifteenth in the World) with 5 awards, whilst Lance KLUSENER is fifth (21 in
              the World) on 4 awards.  
37]       Hashim AMLA is FAR and away the GREATEST ONE DAY INTERNATIONAL cricketer to date. He was the fastest to reach 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 ODI runs, by some margin. In his relatively short career, he has the best batting average (56.41) and
             he has scored 19 O.D.I. CENTURIES in just 107 matches.  A.B. De Villiers took 179 matches to reach 19 centuries, whilst Brian Lara took fully 299 matches to get his 19 centuries.
38]       Sid PEGLER, playing for South Africa against Tasmania, on the Springbok tour of Australia, in 1910-11, scored the THIRD FASTEST FIRST CLASS HALF CENTURY of
ALL TIME, his fifty having been made in just 14 minutes. This record still stands.
39]       Lee IRVINE who was at D.H.S. with Barry RICHARDS were both selected for S.A. Schools. Lee Irvine played S.A. Schools in 1962, and Barry Richards in both 1962 and 1963 – including the S.A. Schools tour to England in 1963. They both went      on to play for South Africa - against the 1970 Australians.  Although Barry RICHARDS had a longer and more successful First Class career, Lee IRVINE was most certainly the better of the two boys in the D.H.S. First XI in 1962 when Lee IRVINE scored 1310 runs in 22 innings at an average of 68.95 and a HS of 150. The School careers of both IRVINE and RICHARDS, as well as of Trevor GODDARD and Hugh TAYFIELD are dealt with in some detail below. (See also notes 16 and 19, above.)
            --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
40]       Hugh TAYFIELD, Trevor GODDARD, Lee IRVINE and Barry RICHARDS had very interesting School careers in the D.H.S. 1st XI.  They all played in the 1st XI for more than one season, and although this is by no means unique, as many boys have done so, few have for three or four years, as did GODDARD, when he played his first season for the 1st XI whilst still a very young 3rd Form boy. Their basic performances are listed HERE:
                                                        Batting                                                    Bowling
Name                   Season       Inns.    Runs Total      H.S.      Ave.     Wickets     Ave.        Best
TAYFIELD, H.J.      1944 / 5      11           168               66        18.66        21          12.00     4/24
TAYFIELD, H.J.      1945/6          9           125               29        15.62        37            6.46     7/10

GODDARD, T.L.    1945/6            2          31               17        15.50         0                  0           0
GODDARD, T.L.    1946/7          10        139                            53*     17.37       19             8.15    4/18
GODDARD, T.L.     1947/8         20           363            73*      22.70       30           16.90    4/10
GODDARD, T.L.    1948/9          15           625               129         48.00       30              8.50    6/18

IRVINE, B.L.             1960        19           225               35        14.17         0                   0           0
IRVINE, B.L.             1961          9           158               31        19.71         0                   0           0
IRVINE, B.L.              1962       22        1310               150      68.95         0                   0           0

RICHARDS, B.A.       1961       17           510               85         34.00        0                   0           0
RICHARDS, B.A.       1962       22           898               100*        49.88        9            16.44      4/1
RICHARDS, B.A.       1963       18           700               96         41.18       41                      12.78    8/18

Both Lee IRVINE and Barry RICHARDS played for D.H.S. in the Natal School’s Nuffield
Cricket Week in 1962. If their performances during the week are ADDED to their School
record, THEN their figures for the 1962 year appear thus:

IRVINE, B.L.              1962       28          1570              150        65.42        0                             0            0
RICHARDS, B.A.        1962      28          1341               106       55.87            (Bowling statistics not stated)

On the S.A. Schools tour to England, in 1963, Barry RICHARDS (D.H.S.) was Captain, and
another D.H.S. boy, M.B. (Bruce) HEATH  a spin bowler, was also in the team. The great
all-rounder M.J. (Mike) Proctor), from Hilton College was also in the side. The S.A. Schools
side did very well, winning most of their matches. Barry RICHARDS topped the averages,
scoring 798 runs at 49.87, followed by Mike PROCTOR – 579 runs at 48.25. Bruce HEATH
completed the Tour second in the bowling averages, at 13.09 runs per wicket.

(These facts, figures and statistics – in note 40, are extracted from the D.H.S. School Magazines of the periods.)
41]       Mike RINDEL and Dale BENKENSTEIN were in the GOLD MEDAL winning South
             African Commonwealth Games team, in Malaysia, 1998. These are the one and
             only Games to date where O.D.I. cricket was included as a competition in the
             Games. South Africa won the GOLD medal, beating Australia in the finals. Mike
             RINDEL was the HIGHEST SCORER for South Africa in both the semi-finals and in the
             final of the competition.
42]       World and South African O.D.I. partnership RECORDS: Various D.H.S. boys are
             involved in some of the leading O.D.I. partnerships in World cricket, for example:
            For the 1st Wkt: 247a runs. Hashim AMLA and Rilee Rousouw. 6th in the World; 1st in S.A.
            For the 3rd Wkt: 247b runs. Hashim AMLA and Rilee Rousouw, 2nd in the World; 1st in S.A.
            For the 3rd Wkt. 238 runs. Hashim AMLA and A.B. de Villiers. 3rd in the World; 2nd in S.A.
            For the 7th Wkt: 114 runs. Mark Boucher and Lance KLUSENER. 10th in the World; 1st in S.A.
                For the 8th Wkt:  91 runs. Dale BENKENSTEIN and Lance KLUSENER. 14th / World; 2nd in S.A.
(Notes a and b: These two partnerships, of the same score – 247 – are merely a co-incidence. AMLA with 153* and Roussouw  with 128 did the feat in the 2nd ODI vs West Indies at the Wanderers on 18 January 2015.  A.B. de Villiers scored 149 in the same match. The second occasion,  and yet another 247 partnership with AMLA scoring 133 and Roussouw getting 132 was in the 5th ODI vs West Indies at Centurion on 28 January 2015.)
             --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 43]  OTHER NOTEABLE PERFORMANCES in O.D.I. Cricket:
            Lance KLUSENER has taken 5 wickets in an innings on six occasions. This places him
             1st for South Africa and 7th in the World, all time.

            Lance KLUSENER scored 54 and took 6/49 vs. Sri Lanka 6 November 1997. He is the
             ONLY South African to get a 50 and 5 wickets in the same O.D.I. match. He is also
             4th player ever to achieve this feat and one of only 17 O.D.I. cricketers who have
             ever done so.

            Lance KLUSENER (four times) and Richard SNELL (once) are only TWO of three
             South Africans ever to have opened both the BATTING and the BOWLING for South
             Africa in O.D.I.s. in the SAME MATCH. The only other South African to have done this was
                R.J. Peterson (once).
44]       Hashim AMLA is 3rd on the World all-time list for the most CENTURIES in a calendar
             year in            ALL FORMS of cricket (Tests/ODI/T20). In the 2010 year AMLA scored TEN
             centuries. This places him FIRST of all South Africans. Hashim AMLA also holds the
             3rd place for all South Africans, and 14th in the World for his EIGHT centuries in the
             2014 year.
45]       I.C.C. HALL of FAME: Barry RICHARDS, in company with Graeme Pollock are, as of
             8 February 2015, the only two South African cricketers to have been inducted into
             The I.C.C. Hall of Fame.
46]       In the research and compiling of these records and notes, it must be recorded that
             it has been difficult to establish authoritative sources for full team representation
             by SCHOOL, for teams like S.A. U19; S.A. Universities; an S.A. XI; S.A. “A”; various
             “World XI” / “Rest of the World XI” / “World O.D.I. XI” teams; S.A. “Masters” teams    
             and so forth. There are almost certainly D.H.S. boys who have been in many of
             these teams, but not recorded here. If any reader has information in this regard,
             kindly advise the Complier.       
=========================================================================              HERE ENDS this SECTION of RECORDS and interesting notes involving D.H.S. boys who have who have represented SOUTH AFRICA at various international levels or who have played FIRST CLASS cricket.   
All the facts and statistics listed in this study have been researched, compiled and prepared by
David R. Bennett and are thought to be correct, as at 8 February 2015.
HOWEVER, if there are any errors or omissions or if any note or statistic is incorrect, please be kind enough to advise the compiler, at email: with the details.


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